Zooplankton abundance off the Kerala Coast during February and April 1970

K.S. Purushan, T. Balachandran, M. Sakthivel


The standing stock of zooplankton was relatively high in the outer neritic zone with the highest volume in the area off Cochin and Alleppey. Foraminifera, chaetognaths, amphipods and gonostomid fish larvae were more densely populated in the area off Cochin; meroplanktonic larvae such as pilidium, tornaria, cirripede nauplius and pluteus in the inshore waters off Alleppey and gelatinous groups such as medusae and salps and fish larvae like myctophids, carangids, serranids and sciaenids in the area off Quilon. Euphausiids, ostracods and a few species of pteropods were more abundant in the high saline water mass of the offshore waters while Penilia and Evadne species of cladocerans and many meroplanktonic groups reached their maximum density in the low saline water mass of the inshore waters. The dense population of many groups observed in the inshore waters in February is found to be drifting to offshore waters in April


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