Dowicil '100' a fixative-cum-preservative for zooplankton

T. Balachandran


Results of a set of experiments using a quaternary ammonium-type chemical with a formaldehyde base, Dowicil '100' 1-(3-chloroallyl)-3, 5, 7-triaza-1-azoniaadamantane chloride, as an alternative to formaldehyde for fixation and preservation of plankton are reported. The anti-microbial properties of this chemical are independent of the pH of the substrate. Experiments using Dowicil '100' in 10, 20 and 30% strength in distilled water and sea water with and without additives were conducted. Colour and pigments were not preserved adequately and calcareous material was found to undergo slow dissolution. Cytoplasmic preservation was found to be good with least plasmolysis and plankton with chitinous exoskeleton were also well preserved. A strength of 30% for fixation and 10% for preservation is recommended


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