Zooplankton studies in the Indian Ocean. 2. From the Arabian Sea during the post-monsoon period

V.R. Nair, G. Peter, V.T. Paulinose


Zooplankton abundance along the west coast during the months of November and December, 1976 was studied. Estimated zooplankton biomass in the surveyed region indicated an increase towards the northern region with a maximum abundance off Bombay. Copepods, chaetognaths, fish eggs and fish larvae had a higher density off the north western coast. Decapod larvae were better represented in the oceanic region and aggregations of the prawn larvae were seen around the Lakshadweep atolls. An unusual abundance of adult bathypelagic prawns - Acanthephyra sanguina - was noted between Kalpeni and Androth islands. A comparison of the zooplankton abundance and estimated fish production of the west and east coasts for the post-monsoon period indicates that the west coast is more productive and has significantly higher zooplankton production which would presumably lead to a greater pelagic fishery resources


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