Decapod larvae from the nearshore waters of Karwar

V.R. Nair, V.T. Paulinose


Abundance of decapod larvae at three stations in Binge Bay, Karwar has been reported based on surface collections taken during the period October 1975 to September 1976. The larvae were very common in the Bay and the postmonsoon months sustained their steady population. Larvae of Lucifer hanseni Nobili constituted the major part. Alpheid larvae and porcellanid zoea were uniformly distributed at the three stations. Acetes, penaeid, axiid, pagurid and brachyuran larvae gradually increased from 5 m to 15 m depth area. Penaeid larvae were represented by Metapenaeus dobsoni (Miers), Parapenaeopsis stylifera (Milne Edwards) and Trachypenaeus curvirostris (Stimpson). T. curvirostris is a new record for Karwar region


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