Timber boring animals of Talapady mangroves and adjoining areas with a record of Martesia sp. (Bivalvia: Pholadidae) boring into living trees

K. Dharmaraj, N.B. Nair


Incidence of timber boring teredinids, pholadids and sphaeromatids in the mangrove swamps at Talapady is reported. Teredinids (Lyrodus pedicellatus (Quatrefages) and Nausitora hedleyi (Schepman) and the pholad Martesia striata Linne attack the dead stumps of mangrove trees and other timber structures while, Martesia sp. and sphaeromatids (Sphaeroma annandalei Stebbing, S. annandalei var. travancorensis Pillai and S. terebrans Bate) bore into the living prop roots also. Morphological characteristics of Martesia sp. are outlined to show that it differs markedly from those of M. striata Linne and M. fragilis Verrill and Bush. Thirteen species and a variety of wood-borers occurring in the Mangalore region are recorded along with a discussion on the nature of timber destruction by wood-borers in the mangroves of India


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