Distribution of phytoplankton pigments in Auranga, Ambika, Purna and Mindola estuaries of Gujarat

B.N. Desai, M.J. Ram, S.A.H. Abidi, V.R. Nair


Estimation of phytoplankton pigments in four estuaries of South Gujarat indicates that all are fairly productive systems. Mean surface values of pooled chlorophyll fractions for Auranga, Ambika, Purna and Mindola were 12.98, 11.7, 13.98 and 33.46 mg m-3 respectively and the average concentration of carotenoids in the same order were 5.03, 7.32, 6.03 and 19.87 m-SPU m-3. Effect of pollution on phytoplankton production was discernible only at Mindola where the relatively higher level of nutrients stimulated enhanced growth of phytoplankton. Auranga and Ambika estuaries behaved indentically while the other two showed their own specific pattern of distribution for phytoplankton pigments


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