Meiobenthic study off Mahim (Bombay) in relation to prevailing organic pollution

P.K. Varshney


Meiobenthic fauna off Mahim (Bombay) in relation to prevailing organic pollution caused by sewage and industrial wastes was studied during Nov. '79 to Dec. 1980. Hydrographic studies indicate that the nearshore area was under severe pollution stress, especially during ebb tide while conditions were better towards offshore mainly because of dilution. Meiofauna chiefly consisted of Foraminifera, Nematoda, Polychaeta and Crustacea. Biomass and population density were poor in the vicinity of discharge. Gradual increase in mean biomass from nearshore to offshore was evident. Increase in group diversity from inshore to offshore was observed. The sensitive groups like Kinorhyncha, Gastropoda and Acarins were recorded only from offshore or clear zones. Fauna was dominated by Foraminifera and Nematodes in the sediments dominated by sand and clayey silt respectively. Organic matter was high in clayey silt bottom


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