Pleuromamma (Copepoda - Calanoida) in the Indian Ocean

M. Saraswathy


Based on the analysis of 366 Zooplankton samples from the upper 200 m and of 213 samples from stratified depths in the Indian Ocean collected during the International Indian Ocean Expedition (IIOE), the distribution of genus Pleuromamma a calanoid copepod was studied. Seven species viz. Pleuromamma indica, P. gracilis, P. piseki, P. abdominalis, P. borealis, P. xiphias and P. quadrungulata in the order of their abundance and one variety P. abdominalis abyssalis were observed. Their distribution in the Indian Ocean was found to be considerably extended. Parallels of latitudes 10 degrees N, 10 degrees S and 30 degrees S were found to demarcate different zonal characteristics as regards the distribution of different species, while a wide north-south range of species was observed along the western boundary of the Indian Ocean. Some species absent in the upper 200/m in the northern areas of the Indian Ocean were found at greater depths towards the south


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