Manganese, zinc, copper, nickel and cobalt contents in sea water and seaweeds from Saurashtra coast

Ch.K. Rao, V.K. Indusekhar


Mn, Zn, Cu, Ni and Co have been analysed in sea water and 24 species of green, brown and red seaweeds collected from Diu, Porbandar and Okha reefs of the Saurashtra Coast. The ranges of Mn, Zn, Cu, Ni and Co contents are found to vary from 8.83-10.41, 10.54-11.89, 5.73-8.00, 2.63-3.05, 0.78-0.83 mu g 1-1 in sea water; 8.09-120.13, 13.78-35.89, 5.82-32.37, 0.61-4.56, 0.31-2.97 mu g g-1 in green seaweeds; 28.93-125.00, 15.61-54.72, 5.75-18.55, 1.43-4.10, 0.50-1.28 mu g g-1 in brown seaweeds and 13.01-160.78, 7.31-33.25, 5.08-28.54, 1.23-6.94 and 0.36-3.70 mu g g-1 in red seaweeds respectively. The metal content of the investigated seaweeds is in the decreasing order, MnZnCuNiCo. The concentration factor (c.f) of the trace metals in seaweeds are in the decreasing order, Mn (9.20 x 102 - 1.54 x 104) Zn (6.10 x 102 - 4.61 x 103), Cu (8.80 x 102 - 4.05 x 103) Co (3.97 x 102 - 4.57 x 103) Ni (2.32 x 102 - 2.28 x 103). In general, shorter the residence time, more is the c.f. of elements in seaweeds


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