Observed salinity field in the upper layers of the central Bay of Bengal during summer monsoon experiments

K.D.K.M. Sarma, B. Mathew, R.R. Rao


The meridional variation of salinity in the upper layers of the central Bay of Bengal during MONSOON-77 and MONEX-79 is examined utilising data collected by USSR ships. During both 1977 and 1979 a strong halocline was present in the depth range of 40-60 m. The influence of freshwater discharges from adjoining rivers appear to be more conspicuous towards east for the same latitude. In 1979, the isohalines near 14 degrees N were at deeper depths compared to northern and southern stations due to convergence caused by a clockwise eddy, which was further confirmed by direct current measurements. The influence of Arabian Sea high salinity watermass was conspicuous near 8 degrees N. A preliminary examination suggests that this watermass is probably absent in the Bay of Bengal during northeast monsoon


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