Variations in the biochemical constituents of a salt marsh snail Pythia plicata (Gray)

A. Shanmugam


The study on the major biochemical constituents like total protein, carbohydrate, lipid and water content of a pulmonate snail, Pythia plicata revealed a clear correlation with the reproductive cycle. The minimum protein value of 15.71% was recorded in July when the snail started laying eggs. The primary and secondary peak values of 29.80% and 23.46% were recorded during November and March in the male and female gonad developing phase respectively. The minimum carbohydrate content of 0.89% was observed during the advancement of the male gonad in October; while the maximum value of 3.04% was recorded during the post development of gonad after egg laying in September. The minimum lipid value of 0.0052% was recorded in December during spermatogenesis. The maximum value of 0.0104% (primary peak) was observed in July when the snails lay eggs. The secondary peak of 0.0084% was recorded in April when the oocytes developed. The water content was minimum (61.79%) in June when the snails started egg laying; while it was maximum (78.86% - primary peak and 75.29% - secondary peak) in February and October during the gonadal development


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