Observed currents at Bombay High during a winter

A.A. Fernandes, P. Chandramohan, B.U. Nayak


Ten day records of Aanderaa current meters (24 Dec. 1981 to 2 Jan. 1982) at four depths, viz. 30, 45, 60 and 75 m at Bombay High (19 degrees 24.5'N, 71 degrees 2.5'E) off the west coast of India, in a water depth of 80 m have been subjected to spectral, cross-spectral, rotary spectral, harmonic analysis, and low pass filtering in the frequency domain. It was found that at semidiurnal and diurnal frequencies the currents were predominantly barotropic. At all depths the tidal ellipses corresponding to the semidiurnal and diurnal tides were oriented roughly perpendicular to the shelf-break while the mean currents were northwestwards along the shelf-break. During the observation period, the mixed layer (-50 m) remained isothermal while a steady rise in temperature (-2 degrees C) with time was noticed in the cooler bottom layer


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