Seasonal primary production in different sectors of the EEZ of India

J.S. Sarupria, R.M.S. Bhargava


The seasonal and regional variations in the primary production, based on the data collected at 562 stations over the period from 1962 to 1988, are presented. The entire Indian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), measuring 2.01 million km super(2) is divided into four sectors viz., Arabian Sea (0.698 x 10 super(6) km super(2)), Bay of Bengal (0.515 x 10 super(6) km super(2)), Lakshadweep Sea (0.230 x 10 super(6) km super(2)) and Andaman Sea (0.567 x 10 super(6) km super(2)). The average seasonal primary production of the EEZ was found to be 682.16 mg Cm/2 d/1 during SW monsoon (June-September), 415.63 mgCm/2 d/1 during premonsoon (February-May) and 291.56 mgCm/2 d/1 during NE monsoon (October-January). The maximum seasonal production in all sectors of the EEZ was found during SW monsoon, except in the Lakshadweep Sea where maximum production was found during pre monsoon period. The average annual primary production for the entire EEZ was calculated to be 453.67 mgCm/2 d/1


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