Variations of current, wind and water fluxes in the south-eastern Mediterranean off the Egyptian Coast during winter and spring seasons

M.A. Said


The paper presents an analysis of data collected off the Nile Delta during winter and spring seasons. Preliminary analysis of the current measurements indicates that, the current velocities are fluctuated in the range of 10.0-86.7 cm.sec/1. The current measurements are in a good agreement with the charts of the geostrophic circulation constructed by Said and Eid (1994). Nine stations were selected to study the vertical distribution of water flow from the ADCP velocity profiles and the density structure from the CTD data on the Nile Delta area. The thickness of the Ekman layer was calculated using the Ekman formula. It was 57 m at a wind velocity of 10 m.sec/1. In the present work, the thickness of the upper 50 m is considered as an average depth of the upper mixed layer by wind. Ekman fluxes, net volume transports (obtained from the direct current measurements) and the geostrophic volume transports through the boundaries of the study area are given. Application of the volume conservation, during the winter season, to the study area requires a large downward transport reaching about 7.14 Sv. Under the given conditions, the gradient current is dominating the surface circulation not the drift current, as might be expected


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