Genetic relationships among three species of the genus Sardinella (Clupeidae)

M.R. Menezes


An electrophoretic analysis of 17 enzyme coding loci was undertaken in three clupeid species, Sardinella longiceps Val., Sardinella fimbriata Val., collected from the west coast of India. At MDH-2, MEP and PGM loci the three species shared no alleles. Nei's genetic distance values ranged from 0.31 + or - 0.15 to 1.68 + or - 0.51. Four loci were polymorphic in S. albella, and three in S. fimbriata at P=0.95 level. No locus was polymorphic by the 95% criterion in S. longiceps. Average heterozygosity ranged from 0.006 + or -0.01 to 0.048 + or - 0.093. The genetic variation in S. longiceps was less than 25% of that of S. albella and S. fimbriata


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