The reproductive biology of the mantis shrimp, Oratosquilla nepa (Latreille) from Mangalore

H.R.V. Reddy, S.L. Shanbhogue


Observations were made on the reproductive biology of the mantis shrimp, Oratosquilla nepa by examination of the samples from Mangalore Coast (Kanrataka, India) during 1988-90 fishing season. The maturation processes of the ovaries were divided into five stages i.e., Immature, Early maturing, Late maturing, Gravid and Spent/Resting. The size at maturity at 50% level is estimated at 95.6 mm. The spawning is found to extend from December to October with peaks during February-April and September-October. Chi-Square test showed significant variation from 1:1 ratio in the distribution of sexes. Estimated fecundity ranged from 36,400 to 2,93,000 ova. Fecundity increased with size of the animal. The relationship between fecundity and total length/body weight/ovary weight did not differ significantly


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