Metal distribution in Halophila beccarii (Aschers) and surrounding environment along the central west coast of India

T.G. Jagtap


Halophila beccarii (Aschers), the surrounding water and the sediments showed varying concentrations of Na, K, Ca, Mg, Fe, Mn, Cu, Ni, Sr and Li at different localities along central west coast of India. Iron was found to be maximum in both the plant and sediment samples (32,565 ppm and 75,500 ppm respectively). Maximum concentrations of Fe and Mn were found in the estuarine water of Goa. Metals such as Sr, Li, Cu and Ni were present in negligible quantities in the plant, surrounding water and sediments. H. beccarii from Vijaydurg area had higher concentrations of Ca (4475 ppm). Na/K and Fe/Mn ratios varied widely in the sediment, plant and water samples. Maximum (183.83) Fe/Mn ratio was found in the sediments collected from Vijaydurg


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