Energy flow through the benthic ecosystem of the mangroves with special reference to nematodes

M.A.S. Ali, K. Krishnamurthy, M.J.P. Jeyaseelan


The present study emphasizes the unique features of the benthic energy flow through nematodes in Pichavaram (near Parangipettai, South India) mangroves. Two stations situated in the channels of the interior of the mangrove forests were chosen for the study. The benthic photosynthesis at Station 2 was higher (0.41 g C m(to the power -2) day(to the power -1)) than at Station 1 (0.29 g C m(to the power -2) day(to the power -1)). The high benthic primary production observed at both stations coincided with the high production of nematodes. However, the density of nematodes was higher at Station 2. The carbon flow through nematodes was measured. Only 4% of the carbon fixed by benthic photosynthesis were utilized for the production of nematodes


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