A preliminary investigation of fine sediment dynamics in Cumbarjua canal, Goa

A.J. Mehta, B.U. Nayak, E.J. Hayter


A preliminary field investigation was carried out in a 10 km reach of Cumbarjua Canal, Goa, India, where the sediment is in the fine size range, and the flow is primarily tide-induced. Results based on observations made during February, 1980, suggest that in fair weather, under typically moderate tides, the suspended sediment concentrations are low, and the shearing rates in the flow are low to moderate. Aggregation of the flocculated kaolinitic sediment occurs, but the aggregates have low settling velocities of the order of 10(to the power -4) m/sec. The rate of sediment transport is generally low as well. There appears to be a net transport of sediment from Zuari River towards the Tonca-Surlafonda region where consolidated shoals have formed. Wind-induced waves play a significant role in contributing to the suspended sediment load


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