Studies on the growth of penaeid prawns. 3. Growth pattern of Penaeus indicus and Metapenaeus dobsoni

S.R.S. Nair, K.K.C. Nair, T.C. Gopalakrishnan, M.K. Kutty


Experimental studies on the growth of Penaeus indicus and Metapenaeus dobsoni for three and a half months under different levels of feeding gave a growth pattern different from that of von Bertalanffy. The two distinct growth patterns observed under field and laboratory conditions are evaluated in this paper. Fortnightly growth increments under all levels of feeding showed a mild increase with time in both species but the instantaneous growth rates and relative growth showed a steady decline in most of the tanks suggesting gradual retardation of growth and hence an inflection in the growth curve sooner or later. Since much of the growth was also covered in the first year in natural conditions some form of sigmoid curve might best describe the growth pattern of the species. Irrespective of the frequency of feeding the growth curves all in the tank showed the same trend. Von Bertalanffy growth curve when observed in nature may also be an artifact brought about by density dependent environment factors. Growth pattern of a species should, therefore, be studied simultaneously under conditions of unlimited food and under feeding schedules that bring out the effects of limited food on growth


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