Distribution of phytal harpacticoid copepods along Visakhapatnam Coast

P.V.M.K. Murty


Qualitative and quantitative distribution of phytal harpacticoid copepods on four intertidal algae, Ulva fasciata, Caulerpa taxifolia, Gracilaria corticata and Amphiroa fragilissima , along Visakhapatnam Coast, Andhra Pradesh, India were investigated from December 1978 to December 1979. A total of 30 species of harpacticoids were recorded from 13 families. Twelve species contributed in large numbers to the total copepods on all algae. Porcellidium clavigerum was found to be the most predominant species. Harpacticoids accounted for 4.27% of the total phytal meiofauna recorded. Fine, tufted alga, A. fragilissima harboured the maximum density of harpacticoids and foliaceous alga, U. fasciata supported minimal numbers. The possible factors responsible for the observed differences in composition and density of harpacticoid fauna on the four algae are discussed


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