In vivo dissolution and reformation of crystalline style in certain intertidal bivalve molluscs

P.S. Hameed


The intertidal bivalve molluscs, Anadara rhombea, Crassostrea madrasensis, Meretrix meretrix, M. casta, Katelysia opima and Donax cuneatus were exposed to environmental stresses viz. starvation and desiccation to find out the permanence of the style. Total dissolution of crystalline style was observed except in D. cuneatus, where it persisted till death (192 h). The style dissolved and disappeared faster under desiccation (0.5 to 72.0 h) than under starvation (120 to 168 h). When the bivalve species without style were immersed in high tide water, a new style was reformed uniformly within a short time (2-3 h) in all species. A mechanism of style dissolution is proposed. The significance of style dissolution and reformation is also discussed


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