Respiration of a fouling mollusc Mytilopsis sallei (Recluz) in relation to different salinities

Y.P. Rao, V.U. Devi, D.G.V.P. Rao


The paper deals with the study of the effect of salinity variations on the respiration of a fouling mollusc Mytilopsis sallei. The oxygen consumption was found to be almost same (P 0.01) at salinities of 15, 20 and 25 ppt. When exposed to low salinities (below 15 ppt), a gradual decline (P 0.01) in the oxygen consumption was observed. However, it is noted that these animals were able to respire in freshwater. They were also found to show a declining trend in their oxygen consumption when subjected to salinities above 20 ppt. However, the oxygen consumption did not show a significant all (P 0.01) at 25 ppt but beyond this concentration, there was a gradual and sharp decline (P 0.01) lup to 45 ppt. From the percentage decline of the oxygen consumption, it is clear that high salinities can affect the metabolism of the animal than the low salinities


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