Hydrography of the Wadge Bank - Premonsoon and monsoon seasons

V.S. RamaRaju, T.V.N. Rao, V. Rameshbabu, A.F. Anto


The hydrography of the Wadge Bank during premonsoon and monsoon seasons is presented. The thermocline slopes downward towards the central region. Upwelling is prominent in the entire region during monsoon and is observed only in the western and central parts of the region during pre-monsoon. The low saline Bay of Bengal waters are present in the southeastern part of the Wadge Bank and high saline waters of Arabian Sea intrude from northwest indicating the withdrawal of the North Equatorial Current (NEC) during premonsoons. During monsoon, high saline (35.2 x (super 10)-3) waters of the western equatorial Indian Ocean are present in the western part of the region and low saline (34.8 x (super10)-3) Bay of Bengal water is present in the eastern part.


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