Distribution of particulate trace metals in the Western Bay of Bengal

D. Satyanarayana, P.V.S.P. Murty, V.V. Sarma


Samples from 24 stations comprising inshore and offshore regions of the Western Bay of Bengal have been analysed for particulate trace metals, total suspended matter (TSM) and particulate organic carbon (POC). The results show relative enrichment of particulate Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn, Pb and POC in inshore and particulate Ni and Cd in offshore regions. While relative enrichment of the former is attributed to river run-off, that of the latter is accounted for authigenic removal/scavenging. The concentration levels of particulate Co and TSM are almost similar in both inshore and offshore regions. The vertical profile showed a decreasing trend from surface to intermediate depths (200-500 m) followed by a slight increase in the bottom in the case of particulate Mn, Zn, Co, TSM and POC while a continuous increase from surface to bottom in the case of Fe, Ni, which appeared to be related to a combination of factors such as authigenic precipitation/scavenging, resuspension of bottom rich sediments, and diffusion followed by precipitation at sediment-water interface


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