VOL 7, NO 3-4 (1974): MAHASAGAR

Table of Contents


On assimilation and regeneration of phosphorus in two different environments PDF
M.D. Rajagopal 143-149
Distribution of mud phosphates in the Cochin backwater PDF
Z.A. Ansari, M.D. Rajagopal 151-155
Primary productivity of some fringing reefs of south-east India PDF
T. Balasubramanian, M.V.M. Wafar 157-164
Zooplankton abundance off the Kerala Coast during February and April 1970 PDF
K.S. Purushan, T. Balachandran, M. Sakthivel 165-175
Toxicity biomass of urea on two fishes PDF
C. DeSilva, X.N. Verlencar 177-182
An experimental study for the determination of frictional resistance on a model boat under different mud concentrations PDF
P.S. Srivastava, P.G. Kurup 183-186
Boron in the modern deltaic sediments of the Krishna River and its offshore region, east coast of India PDF
A.S.R. Swamy, Ch.M. Rao 187-191
Selenite crystals in the sediments off Saurashtra Coast PDF
N.H. Hashimi 193-196
Macrobenthic production in Vambanad Lake PDF
Z.A. Ansari 197-200
Seasonal variations in chlorophyll-a of some tropical environments PDF
T. Balasubramanian 201-204
Callogobius trifasciatus a new gobioid fish from Mayabunder, Middle Andaman Island PDF
A.G.K. Menon, T.K. Chatterjee 205-207
Net for sampling micro and macro zooplankton in a single haul PDF
C.T. Achuthankutty, R.A. Selvakumar 209-213

Book Reviews

The Sea Vol. 5: Marine chemistry PDF
R. Sengupta 215
Aquaculture - The farming and husbandary of freshwater and marine organisms PDF
A.H. Parulekar 218


News and comments PDF
V.S. Bhatt 221

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