VOL 10, NO 1-2 (1977): MAHASAGAR

Table of Contents


Currents off Bombay during February, 1976 PDF
K.K. Varma, C.K. Gopinathan 1-8
Submerged intertidal calcareous sandstones in the Gulf of Kutch PDF
N.H. Hashimi, V. Narayanan, B.G. Wagle 9-16
Arsenic content in the sediments off Bombay region PDF
S.P. Fondekar, C.V.G. Reddy 17-20
Developmental stages of a cyclopoid copepod Cyclopina longifera (Sewell) reared in the laboratory PDF
S.C. Goswami 21-28
Intraspecific variation in the soluble nuclear eye lens proteins of the mullet, Mugil cephalus (L.) PDF
N.B. Bhosle 29-33
Food of the grey mullet Mugil cephalus (L.) from the Goa region PDF
H.P. Das 35-43
Zooplankton studies in the Indian Ocean. 1. From Bay of Bengal during south-west monsoon period PDF
V.R. Nair, G. Peter, V.T. Paulinose 45-54
Benthos of the Bay of Bengal: A preliminary account PDF
Z.A. Ansari, S.N. Harkantra, S.A. Nair, A.H. Parulekar 55-60
Relative contribution of nannoplankton to the primary production of two estuaries of Goa PDF
R.M.S. Bhargava, P.M.A. Bhattathiri, V.P. Devassy 61-66
Micro-fluctuations of temperature and salinity in the Gulf of Kutch PDF
M.J. Varkey, R.V.N. Sarma, R. Nagarajan 67-73
A note on field trials of a new prototype solar still PDF
S.P. Anand 75-78
The fecundity of grey mullet Mugil cephalus L. along the Goa Coast PDF
H.P. Das 79-82
Distribution of hydromedusae along the south west coast of India PDF
V. Santhakumari 83-86
Trend in marine fish landings of Goa PDF
S.S. Shastri 87-90
A new record of Halophila beccarii Aschers from Indian coast PDF
A.G. Untawale, T.G. Jagtap 91-93

Book Reviews

Harvesting polluted waters: Waste heat and nutrient-loaded effluents in the aquaculture PDF
C.T. Achuthankutty 95

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