VOL 11, NO 3-4 (1978): MAHASAGAR

Table of Contents


Current measurements off Bombay during March 1976 PDF
M.J. Varkey, K. Premchand, J.S. Sastry 115-123
Studies on some hydrographical characteristics of the estuarine and inshore waters of Goa during the south-west monsoon 1972 PDF
V.N. Sankaranarayanan, D.P. Rao, M.K. Antony 125-136
Studies on photosynthetic bacteria. 3. use of photosynthetic bacteria in sewage treatment PDF
A. Aguiar, J. DeSouza 137-143
Distribution of nutrients in the nearshore waters off Mangalore PDF
K. Suresh, M.P.M. Reddy 145-154
Sediment and sedimentary processes on the continental shelf off Bombay PDF
N.H. Hashimi, M.V.S. Guptha, R.M. Kidwai, R.R. Nair 155-161
Meiobenthos from the Karwar region (central west coast of India) PDF
Z.A. Ansari 163-167
Vertical distribution of zooplankton in relation to thermocline PDF
G. Peter, V.R. Nair 169-175
Seasonal variations in the chemical composition and caloric content of mugil cephalus linnaeus from the Goa waters PDF
H.P. Das 177-184
Calcium and magnesium concentration in the nearshore waters of Goa PDF
S.N. Naik 185-189
Variation in trace metals in two populations of green mussel mytilus viridis L. from Goa PDF
N.B. Bhosle, S.G.P. Matondkar 191-194
Diel changes in phytoplankton population in the Mandovi and Zuari estuaries of Goa PDF
V.P. Devassy, R.M.S. Bhargava 195-199
Studies on dimensional relationships in green mussel mytilus viridis from two environments PDF
Z.A. Ansari, S.N. Harkantra, A.H. Parulekar 201-205
On the decapsulation technique of dry cysts in the Indian strain of artemia salina L. PDF
J.P. Royan, J.R.B. Alfred 207-209
Growth experiments with the shrimp Metapenaeus monoceros (Fabricius) PDF
J.R.B. Alfred, Sumitra-Vijayaraghavan, M.V.M. Wafar, J.P. Royan, P. Jeyachandran 211-216
Distribution of scyphomedusae in the Indian Ocean PDF
V. Santhakumari 217-220
Some observations on the Trichodesmium bloom along the south-west coast of India PDF
X.N. Verlencar 221-224

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