VOL 13, NO 2 (1980): MAHASAGAR

Table of Contents


Magnetic surveys of the continental shelf off Visakhapatnam PDF
T.C.S. Rao, K.S.R. Murthy 83-89
Determination of ocean surface wind with a satellite microwave radiometer (Samir) on board Bhaskara PDF
P.C. Pandey, B.S. Gohil, A.K. Sharma 91-98
Effects of industrial waste disposal on the water quality of the river Kolak PDF
M.D. Zingde, M.M. Sabnis, A.V. Mandalia, B.N. Desai 99-110
Foraminiferal constituent in marine sediments - A parameter in some coastal engineering problems PDF
M.G.A.P. Setty 111-115
Adaptations in phytoplankton to changing conditions in tropical estuaries PDF
S.Z. Qasim 117-124
The protozoan associates of some crustaceans PDF
V. Santhakumari, U.K. Gopalan 125-131
A closed sea water flow-through-siphon system for the cultivation and rearing of marine animals PDF
K.K.C. Nair, K. Anger 133-145
Isolation and significance of Salmonella sp. from some beaches of Kerala PDF
P.S. Gore, T.S.G. Iyer, O. Raveendran, R.V. Unnithan 147-152
Distribution of Sapphirina (Copepoda, Crustacea) in the northwestern Indian Ocean PDF
L.K. Rajaram, S. Krishnaswamy 153-163
Effect of petroleum products on mangrove seedlings PDF
T.G. Jagtap, A.G. Untawale 165-172
Arylsulfatase activity in marine gastropods PDF
K. Dhevendaran, T. Kannupandi, R. Natarajan 173-178
Occurrence of genus Monostroma (Ulvales, Chlorophyta) from Ratnagiri (Maharashtra, India) PDF
A.G. Untawale, V.V. Agadi, V.K. Dhargalkar 179-181
Soluble lens protein polymorphism in the oil sardine, Sardinella longiceps Val PDF
M.R. Menezes 183-185

Book Reviews

The Indian and eastern engineer - 120 Anniversary Number PDF
S.Z. Qasim 187
Marine production mechanisms PDF
S.R.S. Nair 189

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