VOL 18, NO 2 (1985): MAHASAGAR

Table of Contents


Petroleum - Its present and future PDF
R. Sengupta, S.Z. Qasim 79-90
Modelling of bottom reverberation in the west coast shelf areas PDF
D. Srinivasan 91-97
Gravitational oscillations in a rotating paraboloidal basin: A classical problem revisited PDF
T.S. Murty, M.I. El-Sabh 99-127
Geochemical studies of the river-estuarine systems of Krishna and Godavari PDF
M.M. Sarin, K.S. Rao, S.K. Bhattacharya, R. Ramesh, B.L.K. Somayajulu 129-143
Anomalous behaviour of radio-isotopes of thorium in the coastal surface sediments of the Arabian Sea PDF
L.U. Joshi, S.Z. Qasim 145-152
Watermass structure in the Bay of Bengal PDF
J.S. Sastry, D.P. Rao, V.S.N. Murty, Y.V.B. Sarma, A. Suryanarayana, M.T. Babu 153-162
Longshore currents and associated sediment transport in the nearshore areas of Kerala and Goa, west coast of India PDF
C.S. Murty, M. Veerayya 163-177
On the vagaries of the Indian southwest monsoon PDF
I. Subbaramayya, M.S. Rao 179-185
Geochemistry of zinc in the sediments of the western continental shelf and slope of India PDF
P.S.N. Murty, A.L. Paropkari, Ch.M. Rao 187-197
Remote sensing of oceans for climate studies: Some Indian experiences PDF
P.S. Desai 199-202
Exchange of fluxes across the air-sea interface during the onset phase of the southwest monsoon PDF
D.P. Rao, M.V. Rao 203-210
Ocean energy in the Indian context PDF
V.S. Raju, M. Ravindran 211-217
Recent advances in oceanography and new perspectives in fisheries management PDF
M.K. Kutty 219-229
New trends in ocean wave research in India PDF
M. Baba 231-248
Biological monitoring for conservation of marine living resources along the Indian coast - An uneasy experience PDF
T.S.S. Rao, A.H. Parulekar 249-255
Geological and geophysical surveys of Visakhapatnam Coast PDF
T.C.S. Rao, K.M. Rao, S. Lakshminarayana 257-264
Geomorphology of the coastal zone around Krishna River confluence PDF
R. Varadarajulu, M. Harikrishna, P.C. Babu, P. Chakravarthy 265-272
Holocene phosphorites of the western continental margin of India PDF
R.R. Nair 273-279
Surface temperature pattern of the Indian Ocean before summer monsoon PDF
C.K. Gopinathan, D.P. Rao 281-292
Viscosity - Specific volume anomalies, a nomogram PDF
A.V.S. Murty 293-298
Topographical variations along the Tellicherry Beach during the southwest monsoon season PDF
K. Premchand, C.M. Harish 299-305
Physico-chemical investigations in Auranga River Estuary (Gujarat, India) PDF
M.D. Zingde, P. Sharma, M.M. Sabnis 307-321
Role of ecoclimatology in rural planning PDF
V.P. Subrahmanyam, P. Viswanadham 323-331
Coastal circulation off Bombay in relation to waste water disposal PDF
V. Josanto, R.V. Sarma 333-345
Transducers and microprocessors in oceanographic applications PDF
R.G.P. Desai, E. Desa 347-364
Agroclimatology of Rayalaseema PDF
A.R. Subramaniam, M.V. Rao 365-376
A note on ionic distribution in the estuary of Vasishta Godavary PDF
V.V.J. Sarma, A. Ramakrishna, V.S. Sharma, P.R. Prasad, N.V.B.S.S Prasad 377-380
Anomalies of net radiation during southwest monsoon over the Bay of Bengal PDF
G.R.L. Rao, Y. VeenaDevi 381-385

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