VOL 27, NO 1 (1994): MAHASAGAR

Table of Contents


Variations of current, wind and water fluxes in the south-eastern Mediterranean off the Egyptian Coast during winter and spring seasons PDF
M.A. Said 1-16
Biodeterioration of cellulose materials in the Badagara and Korapuzha estuaries PDF
N.B. Nair 17-28
Genetic relationships among three species of the genus Sardinella (Clupeidae) PDF
M.R. Menezes 29-39
Preliminary investigations on transient erosion at Kalpakkam Beach, east coast of India during June 1990 PDF
V. Krishnakumar, P. Vethamony, G.N. Swamy 41-45
Seasonal changes in suspended sediment load in the Gautami-Godavari Estuary PDF
N.P.C. Reddy, B.P. Rao, K.M. Rao, V.S. Rao 47-53
Studies on the formulated feeds for freshwater prawn Macrobrachium malcolmsonii (H. Milne Edwards) PDF
M.J. Samuel, P. Soundarapandian, T. Kannupandi 55
Zooplankton of the retting zones in the Kadinam-Kulam Estuary, Kerala PDF
S.B. Nandan, P.K.A. Azis 59-65
The reproductive biology of the mantis shrimp, Oratosquilla nepa (Latreille) from Mangalore PDF
H.R.V. Reddy, S.L. Shanbhogue 67-72
Sea anemone, Acontiactis gokhaleae as biofouler in the Mangrove mudflats along Thane Creek PDF
V. Mishra, G. Quadros, V. Ullal, K.S. Gokhale, R.P. Athalye 73-78

Book Reviews

Plant wealth of the lower Ganga delta: An eco-taxonomical approach PDF
A.G. Untawale 79

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