VOL 15, NO 2 (1982): MAHASAGAR

Table of Contents


Physical characteristics of the coastal waters between Navapur and Umbharat, West coast of India. Part 1. Current pattern PDF
G.N. Swamy, R.V. Sarma, A. Suryanarayana 67-83
Storm risks to ports located on the coast around the Bay of Bengal PDF
D.A. Mooley, C.M. Mohile 85-94
Studies on the growth of penaeid prawns: 1. Length-weight relation and condition factor under different levels of feeding PDF
S.R.S. Nair, H.K. Iyer, C.B.L. Devi, M.K. Kutty 95-104
Studies on the fresh settlement of meroplankton in a tropical estuary, Mangalore PDF
B.V. Bhat, T.R.C. Gupta 105-109
Studies on mangrove swamps of Goa: 2. Microorganisms degrading phenolic compounds PDF
H.R. Gomes, S. Mavinkurve 111-115
Grounding of Cherry maju and its effect on beach transformation and circulation in Karwar Bay PDF
R. Sudarshan, B. Neelakantan 117-120
The levels of certain heavy metals in marine organisms from Aguada Bay (Goa) PDF
S.Y.S. Singbal, M.D. George, R.S. Topgi, R. Noronha 121-124
Plastic pellets on the Caranzalem beach sands, Goa, India PDF
R. Nigam 125-127
Fecundity of dolphin fish, Coryphaena hippurus L. PDF
A. Chatterji, Z.A. Ansari 129-133
Multiple spawning in penaeid prawn, Parapenaeopsis stylifera in captivity PDF
P.K. Joshi, R. Nagabhushanam 135-137

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