VOL 16, NO 2 (1983): MAHASAGAR

Table of Contents


A preliminary investigation of fine sediment dynamics in Cumbarjua canal, Goa PDF
A.J. Mehta, B.U. Nayak, E.J. Hayter 95-108
A comparative study of toxic trace metals in the estuaries of the ooster and waterscheldt and of the Sierra Leone River PDF
P. Valenta, H.W. Nurnberg, P. Klahre, H. Rutzel, A.G.A. Merks, S.J. Reddy 109
Chemical and radiochemical studies of a sediment core from the Tapti salt marsh PDF
R. Rengarajan, B.L.K. Somayajulu, T.M. Church 127-133
Monitoring of water and sediments of Ulhas River north-east of Bombay PDF
K.C. Sahu, S. Mukherjee 135-142
Baseline ecology of Edaiyur - Sadras Part 1: General hydrographic and chemical feature estuarine system at Kalpakkam PDF
K.V.K. Nair, S. Ganapathy 143-151
Vitamin B12 concentrations in Mandovi and Zuari estuaries PDF
C. DeSilva, A. Rajendran 153-159
Nutrients in some estuaries of Kerala PDF
K.S. Devi, P. Venugopal, K.N. Remani, D. Zacharias, R.V. Unnithan 161-173
Seasonal variations in carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in sediments of the Vellar Estuary, Porto Novo PDF
V. Sivakumar, G.S. Thangaraj, R. Chandran, K. Ramamoorthi 175-181
Phosphorus and iron distribution in two mangrove species in relation to environment PDF
A.N. Subramanian, V.K. Venugopalan 183-191
Effect of pesticides on phytoplankton production PDF
N. Rajendran, V.K. Venugopalan 193-197
Indicator organisms of pollution in Cochin backwaters PDF
K.N. Remani, K.S. Devi, P. Venugopal, R.V. Unnithan 199-207
Ecological changes in the Hooghly Estuary due to water release from Farakka Barrage PDF
A.C. Nandy, M.M. Bagchi, S.K. Majumder 209-220
Plankton production associated with cold water incursion into the estuarine environment PDF
V.P. Devassy 221-233
Zooplankton variability in the Zuari estuary, Goa PDF
V.R. Nair, C.T. Achuthankutty, S.R.S. Nair 235-242
Larval migration and growth of marine prawns in the estuarine habitat PDF
C.T. Achuthankutty, S.R.S. Nair 243-250
Coexistence and succession of copepod species in the Mandovi and Zuari estuaries, Goa PDF
S.C. Goswami 251-258
Effects of chlorinated cooling water discharges on the chemistry of estuarine waters PDF
A.K. Sriraman, R. Viswanathan 259-263

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