VOL 14, NO 1 (1981): MAHASAGAR

Table of Contents


Circulation and distribution of some hydrographical properties during the late winter in the Bay of Bengal PDF
D.P. Rao, J.S. Sastry 1-15
Sediment budget of a portion of Trivandrum Beach (Kerala) PDF
P. UdayaVarma, V.S. RamaRaju, A. Pylee, G.N. Swamy 17-21
Plankton of the Narmada Estuary and adjacent creeks PDF
S.N. Gajbhiye, J. Ram, V.R. Nair, B.N. Desai 23-31
Marine fauna of Malvan, central west coast of India PDF
A.H. Parulekar 33-44
Phytoplankton of the Veli Lake, A lagoon on the south-west coast of India PDF
T. Mathew, N.B. Nair 45-54
Plankton composition in two estuaries of the Konkan Coast during premonsoon season PDF
C.T. Achuthankutty, S.R.S. Nair, V.P. Devassy, V.R. Nair 55-60
On the distribution and related ecology of Pomfrets from the Indian seas PDF
S. Pati 61-65
Phosphorus solubilization by some marine fungi PDF
A. Araujo, J. DeSouza, A.A. Karande 67-70
Organically associated copper in Mandovi and Zuari estuaries PDF
M.D. George, K. Sawkar 71-73
Occurrence of Porphyra vietnamensis (Bangiales, Rhodophyta) along the Goa Coast PDF
V.K. Dhargalkar, V.V. Agadi, A.G. Untawale 75-77
A note on the heterotrophic bacterial population in intertidal sediments of the Karnafuli Estuary PDF
M.A. Hakim, Z.U.M. Khan, M.A. Rahman 79-81
Observations on the length-weight relationship of pomfrets from the Bay of Bengal PDF
S. Pati 83-85
On two new species of Siriella (Mysidacea) PDF
S.U. Panampunnayil 87-90
The edible clam, Katelysia opima from the Ratnagiri Coast PDF
U.H. Mane 91-94
Estuarine hydrography and sedimentation - A Handbook PDF
R.R. Nair 95

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