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VOL 16, NO 1 (1983): MAHASAGAR Studies on the growth of penaeid prawns. 3. Growth pattern of Penaeus indicus and Metapenaeus dobsoni Abstract   PDF
S.R.S. Nair, K.K.C. Nair, T.C. Gopalakrishnan, M.K. Kutty
VOL 20, NO 1 (1987): MAHASAGAR Studies on the growth of penaeid prawns 4. growth of Metapenaeus dobsoni under different levels of feeding Abstract   PDF
S.R.S. Nair, T. Balasubramanian, P.N. Aravindakshan, M.K. Kutty
VOL 15, NO 2 (1982): MAHASAGAR Studies on the growth of penaeid prawns: 1. Length-weight relation and condition factor under different levels of feeding Abstract   PDF
S.R.S. Nair, H.K. Iyer, C.B.L. Devi, M.K. Kutty
VOL 16, NO 1 (1983): MAHASAGAR Studies on the growth of penaeid prawns: 2. Growth of Penaeus indicus under different levels of feeding Abstract   PDF
S.R.S. Nair, H.K. Iyer, T. Balasubramanian, M.K. Kutty
VOL 16, NO 1 (1983): MAHASAGAR Studies on the hydrography and plankton of waters off Akarpati near Navapur, west coast of India during February-March Abstract   PDF
S.A.H. Abidi, B.N. Desai, J. Ram
VOL 19, NO 1 (1986): MAHASAGAR Studies on the intertidal macrofauna of the sandy beach at Kavaratti atoll (Lakshadweep) Abstract   PDF
B. Narayanan, P. Sivadas
VOL 14, NO 4 (1981): MAHASAGAR Studies on the life-history of Spio filicornis (Muller 1776) Abstract   PDF
B. Srikrishnadhas, K. Ramamoorthi
VOL 7, NO 1-2 (1974): MAHASAGAR Studies on the monsoonal flow of the Mandovi Estuary Abstract   PDF
M.K. Antony, D.P. Rao, V.N. Sankaranarayanan
VOL 21, NO 3 (1988): MAHASAGAR Studies on the planktonic decapoda and stomatopoda (crustacea) from the western Bay of Bengal Abstract   PDF
V.T. Paulinose, V.R. Nair, S.C. Goswami
VOL 13, NO 4 (1980): MAHASAGAR Studies on the zooplankton of Vizhinjam inshore water, south-west coast of India Abstract   PDF
O. Divakaran, M. Arunachalam, N.B. Nair, K.G. Padmanabhan
VOL 9, NO 1-2 (1976): MAHASAGAR Study of protein denaturation by electrophoresis from different layers of eye lens of jewfish Sciaena macropterus (Bleeker) Abstract   PDF
N.B. Bhosle
VOL 22, NO 4 (1989): MAHASAGAR Study of selected trace metals in the sediments of Thane creek near Thane city - Antagonistic behaviour of zinc and copper Abstract   PDF
R.P. Athalye, K.S. Gokhale
VOL 17, NO 1 (1984): MAHASAGAR Study on fluoride in the Mandovi-Zuari river system (Goa) Abstract   PDF
F.P. DeSouza, V.N.K. Dalal
VOL 10, NO 1-2 (1977): MAHASAGAR Submerged intertidal calcareous sandstones in the Gulf of Kutch Abstract   PDF
N.H. Hashimi, V. Narayanan, B.G. Wagle
VOL 7, NO 1-2 (1974): MAHASAGAR Surface circulation features in the Bay of Bengal as seen in ERTS imagery Abstract   PDF
P.K. Rao
VOL 18, NO 2 (1985): MAHASAGAR Surface temperature pattern of the Indian Ocean before summer monsoon Abstract   PDF
C.K. Gopinathan, D.P. Rao
VOL 16, NO 4 (1983): MAHASAGAR Swarming of Creseis acicula Rang (Pteropoda) in the coastal waters of Goa Abstract   PDF
S.C. Goswami
VOL 15, NO 1 (1982): MAHASAGAR Swells over the Bay of Bengal around the time of onset of monsoon Abstract   PDF
A.K. Mukherjee, T.R. Sivaramakrishnan
VOL 7, NO 1-2 (1974): MAHASAGAR Synchronization in the occurrence of Trichodesmium bloom and swarming of Creseis acicula Rang (Pteropoda) and Penilia avirostris Dana (Cladocera) in the area off Cochin Abstract   PDF
M. Sakthivel, P. Harida
VOL 28, NO 1-2 (1995): MAHASAGAR Taxonomic features and identification of Oxycephalidae (Platysceloidea, Physocephalata, Hyperiidea, Amphipoda) Abstract   PDF
K.K.C. Nair
VOL 15, NO 1 (1982): MAHASAGAR Taxonomy of a calanoid copepod Candacia catula (Giesbrecht) from north-eastern region of the Bay of Bengal Abstract   PDF
N.G. Das, A.L. Bhuiyan, W. Miah
VOL 19, NO 1 (1986): MAHASAGAR Temperature and salinity requirements for embryonic development of Saccostrea cucullata (Born) Abstract   PDF
M. Kalyanasundaram, K. Ramamoorthi
VOL 24, NO 1 (1991): MAHASAGAR Temporal variation in annual production of Tellina nobilis and Tellina cuspis in a tropical estuarine environment Abstract   PDF
J.K.P. Edward, K. Ayyakkannu
VOL 18, NO 1 (1985): MAHASAGAR Textural analysis of beach sands from south Andaman Abstract   PDF
M.J. Rao, U.P.N. Raju, J.S.R.K. Rao
VOL 21, NO 4 (1988): MAHASAGAR Texture and mineralogy of beach sands of the northern part of Kerala Coast Abstract   PDF
K. Sasidharan, K.T. Damodaran
VOL 20, NO 3 (1987): MAHASAGAR The biology of grey mullets in a tropical lagoon in Sri Lanka. 1. age and growth Abstract   PDF
M.J.S. Wijeyaratne, H.H. Costa
VOL 7, NO 1-2 (1974): MAHASAGAR The comparative toxicities of organophosphorus and carbamate pesticides Abstract   PDF
K.K. Rao
VOL 12, NO 1 (1979): MAHASAGAR The ecology of chaetognaths in the estuarine system of Goa Abstract   PDF
V.R. Nair, R.A. Selvakumar
VOL 19, NO 2 (1986): MAHASAGAR The ecology of copepods from Hooghly estuary, West Bengal,India Abstract   PDF
S.K. Sarkar, B.N. Singh, A. Choudhury
VOL 14, NO 1 (1981): MAHASAGAR The edible clam, Katelysia opima from the Ratnagiri Coast Abstract   PDF
U.H. Mane
VOL 17, NO 1 (1984): MAHASAGAR The effect of mercury on the growth efficiency of Tilapia mossambica (Peters) Abstract   PDF
M.R. Menezes, S.Z. Qasim
VOL 10, NO 3-4 (1977): MAHASAGAR The effect of salinity on the survival and growth of the laboratory reared larvae of Macrobrachium rosenbergii de Man Abstract   PDF
S.R.S. Nair, U. Goswami, S.C. Goswami
VOL 10, NO 3-4 (1977): MAHASAGAR The efficiency of indigenously manufactured polyurethane foams and dispersants in the removal of spilled oil Abstract   PDF
S.P. Fondekar, R. Sengupta, M.B. Bhandare
VOL 10, NO 1-2 (1977): MAHASAGAR The fecundity of grey mullet Mugil cephalus L. along the Goa Coast Abstract   PDF
H.P. Das
VOL 13, NO 3 (1980): MAHASAGAR The fungal flora of the mangrove swamps of Goa Abstract   PDF
S.G.P. Matondkar, S. Mahtani, S. Mavinkurve
VOL 26, NO 1 (1993): MAHASAGAR The gut microflora of edible clam Meretrix casta (Chemnitz) from the Vellar Estuary, southwest coast of India Abstract   PDF
B. Aiyamperumal, A. Velammal, K. Balasubrahmanyan
VOL 25, NO 1 (1992): MAHASAGAR The influence of light on the growth and pigment composition of Hypnea valentiae (Turn.) Mont Abstract   PDF
K. Velkanni, R. Rengasamy
VOL 15, NO 2 (1982): MAHASAGAR The levels of certain heavy metals in marine organisms from Aguada Bay (Goa) Abstract   PDF
S.Y.S. Singbal, M.D. George, R.S. Topgi, R. Noronha
VOL 16, NO 1 (1983): MAHASAGAR The lowering of sea surface temperature in the east central Arabian sea associated with a cyclone Abstract   PDF
V.S.N. Murty, D.P. Rao, J.S. Sastry
VOL 22, NO 1 (1989): MAHASAGAR The nutrient status of the sediments of Hooghly estuary Abstract   PDF
P.B. Ghosh, A. Choudhury
VOL 6, NO 2 (1973): MAHASAGAR The problem of marine timber destroying organisms along the Indian Coasts Abstract   PDF
N.B. Nair
VOL 13, NO 2 (1980): MAHASAGAR The protozoan associates of some crustaceans Abstract   PDF
V. Santhakumari, U.K. Gopalan
VOL 27, NO 1 (1994): MAHASAGAR The reproductive biology of the mantis shrimp, Oratosquilla nepa (Latreille) from Mangalore Abstract   PDF
H.R.V. Reddy, S.L. Shanbhogue
VOL 8, NO 3-4 (1975): MAHASAGAR The significance of nannoplankton in primary production in Porto Novo waters Abstract   PDF
V. Ramadhas, B.R. Subramanian, V.K. Venugopalan
VOL 16, NO 3 (1983): MAHASAGAR The ultraviolet absorption characteristics of Vellar Estuary Abstract   PDF
T. Balasubramanian, R. Nandakumar, B. Loganathan, N. Rajendran, S. Ramachandran, V.K. Venugopalan
VOL 21, NO 3 (1988): MAHASAGAR The zoeae, megalopa and first crab of the mangrove crab Metaplax elegans De Man, cultured in the laboratory Abstract   PDF
K. Pasupathi, T. Kannupandi
VOL 16, NO 1 (1983): MAHASAGAR Thermal efficiencies and OTEC potentials at some offshore sites along the Indian coast Abstract   PDF
V. RameshBabu, P.V. Sathe, V.V.R. Varadachari
VOL 23, NO 1 (1990): MAHASAGAR Tidal and lunar influences on penaeid prawn seed abundance in the Kali estuary, Karwar Abstract   PDF
V. Gunaga, K. Neelakantan, B. Neelakantan
VOL 14, NO 4 (1981): MAHASAGAR Tidal influence on the seasonal variation in current and salinity around Willingdon Island Abstract   PDF
P. UdayaVarma, A. Pylee, V.S. RamaRaju
VOL 15, NO 4 (1982): MAHASAGAR Tidal mixing in Dahej creek waters Abstract   PDF
G.N. Swamy, R.V. Sarma
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