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VOL 17, NO 4 (1984): MAHASAGAR Tides and tidal harmonics at Umbharat, Gujarat Abstract   PDF
A. Suryanarayana, G.N. Swamy
VOL 14, NO 2 (1981): MAHASAGAR Timber boring animals of Talapady mangroves and adjoining areas with a record of Martesia sp. (Bivalvia: Pholadidae) boring into living trees Abstract   PDF
K. Dharmaraj, N.B. Nair
VOL 19, NO 1 (1986): MAHASAGAR Tintinnid swarms of Porto Novo waters Abstract   PDF
W.D. Naidu
VOL 16, NO 3 (1983): MAHASAGAR Tintinnida (Protozoa: Ciliata) - A vital link in the estuarine food web Abstract   PDF
W.D. Naidu
VOL 13, NO 1 (1980): MAHASAGAR Topographic features over the continental shelf off Visakhapatnam Abstract   PDF
T.C.S. Rao, X.T. Machado, K.S.R. Murthy
VOL 18, NO 2 (1985): MAHASAGAR Topographical variations along the Tellicherry Beach during the southwest monsoon season Abstract   PDF
K. Premchand, C.M. Harish
VOL 18, NO 4 (1985): MAHASAGAR Total dissolved carbohydrate in Mahi River Estuary Abstract   PDF
N.B. Bhosle, M.A. Rokade, M.D. Zingde
VOL 23, NO 1 (1990): MAHASAGAR Toxic effect of linear alkylebenzene sulfonate (LAS) on Metapenaeus monoceros Abstract   PDF
C.R. Reddy, C.V.N. Prasad, B. Neelakantan
VOL 20, NO 2 (1987): MAHASAGAR Toxic effects on domestic sewage of zooplankton Abstract   PDF
S.N. Gajbhiye, V.R. Nair, B.N. Desai
VOL 7, NO 3-4 (1974): MAHASAGAR Toxicity biomass of urea on two fishes Abstract   PDF
C. DeSilva, X.N. Verlencar
VOL 10, NO 3-4 (1977): MAHASAGAR Toxicity tests of oil dispersants on some marine animals Abstract   PDF
X.N. Verlencar, N.B. Bhosle, A.H. Parulekar
VOL 12, NO 1 (1979): MAHASAGAR Trace analysis of pollutants in rain water at Goa Abstract   PDF
S.P. Fondekar, R.S. Topgi
VOL 6, NO 2 (1973): MAHASAGAR Trace elements: sea water to sediments Abstract   PDF
D. Lal, S. Krishnaswami
VOL 15, NO 4 (1982): MAHASAGAR Trace metal levels in the sediments of the Cochin backwaters Abstract   PDF
P. Venugopal, K.S. Devi, K.N. Remani, R.V. Unnithan
VOL 18, NO 2 (1985): MAHASAGAR Transducers and microprocessors in oceanographic applications Abstract   PDF
R.G.P. Desai, E. Desa
VOL 21, NO 2 (1988): MAHASAGAR Trapping of insects in the Arabian Sea Abstract   PDF
S.C. Pathak, A.H. Parulekar
VOL 10, NO 1-2 (1977): MAHASAGAR Trend in marine fish landings of Goa Abstract   PDF
S.S. Shastri
VOL 11, NO 1-2 (1978): MAHASAGAR Trends in marine fish landings in India Abstract   PDF
S.S. Shastri
VOL 6, NO 2 (1973): MAHASAGAR Tropical cyclones and oceanography Abstract   PDF
K.R. Saha
VOL 6, NO 2 (1973): MAHASAGAR Tropical plankton Abstract   PDF
T.S.S. Rao
VOL 18, NO 1 (1985): MAHASAGAR Two new records of marine wood-borers of the family Teredinidae (Mollusca) from the west coast of India Abstract   PDF
L.N. Santhakumaran
VOL 9, NO 3-4 (1976): MAHASAGAR Updating of Decca Chains in India to multipulse transmissions Abstract   PDF
K.R. Bose
VOL 12, NO 3 (1979): MAHASAGAR Uranium, boron, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in leaves of mangroves Abstract   PDF
K.L. Gulati, K.K. Nagpaul, S.S. Bukhari
VOL 26, NO 1 (1993): MAHASAGAR Variability of wind stress and wind stress curl over the north Indian Ocean during pre-monsoon and monsoon seasons of 1987 and 1988 Abstract   PDF
O.P. Singh
VOL 26, NO 1 (1993): MAHASAGAR Variation in biofouling on different species of Indian timbers Abstract   PDF
T.V. Raveendran, A.B. Wagh
VOL 11, NO 3-4 (1978): MAHASAGAR Variation in trace metals in two populations of green mussel mytilus viridis L. from Goa Abstract   PDF
N.B. Bhosle, S.G.P. Matondkar
VOL 8, NO 3-4 (1975): MAHASAGAR Variation of haemoglobin in Otolithus ruber (Cuv. Val.) Abstract   PDF
N.B. Bhosle
VOL 11, NO 1-2 (1978): MAHASAGAR Variations in biochemical composition of the green mussel perna viridis linnaeus of ennore estuary, Madras Abstract   PDF
M.S. Shafee
VOL 24, NO 2 (1991): MAHASAGAR Variations in the biochemical constituents of a salt marsh snail Pythia plicata (Gray) Abstract   PDF
A. Shanmugam
VOL 27, NO 1 (1994): MAHASAGAR Variations of current, wind and water fluxes in the south-eastern Mediterranean off the Egyptian Coast during winter and spring seasons Abstract   PDF
M.A. Said
VOL 11, NO 3-4 (1978): MAHASAGAR Vertical distribution of zooplankton in relation to thermocline Abstract   PDF
G. Peter, V.R. Nair
VOL 18, NO 4 (1985): MAHASAGAR Vertical structure of the boundary layer: A comparison between land and sea Abstract   PDF
M.R. Rameshkumar, Y. Sadhuram
VOL 18, NO 2 (1985): MAHASAGAR Viscosity - Specific volume anomalies, a nomogram Abstract   PDF
A.V.S. Murty
VOL 16, NO 2 (1983): MAHASAGAR Vitamin B12 concentrations in Mandovi and Zuari estuaries Abstract   PDF
C. DeSilva, A. Rajendran
VOL 22, NO 4 (1989): MAHASAGAR Volume transport and estuarine features at Cochin inlet Abstract   PDF
J. Joseph, P.G. Kurup
VOL 13, NO 3 (1980): MAHASAGAR Waste water discharge and its effect on the quality of water of Mahim Creek and Bay Abstract   PDF
M.D. Zingde, B.N. Desai
VOL 28, NO 1-2 (1995): MAHASAGAR Water budget of lake Manzalah, Egypt Abstract   PDF
M.A. Said, M.A.R. Abdel-Moati
VOL 25, NO 1 (1992): MAHASAGAR Water quality of the Poonthura Estuary, Thiruvananthapuram Abstract   PDF
K.S.A. Kumary, P.K.A. Azis
VOL 18, NO 2 (1985): MAHASAGAR Watermass structure in the Bay of Bengal Abstract   PDF
J.S. Sastry, D.P. Rao, V.S.N. Murty, Y.V.B. Sarma, A. Suryanarayana, M.T. Babu
VOL 9, NO 1-2 (1976): MAHASAGAR Wave characteristics off Goa for the period, November to May Abstract   PDF
G.N. Swamy, V.K. Das, M.J. Varkey
VOL 18, NO 3 (1985): MAHASAGAR Wave climate and wave refraction along Madras Coast Abstract   PDF
K.V.S.R. Prasad
VOL 12, NO 3 (1979): MAHASAGAR Wave climate off Trivandrum (Kerala) Abstract   PDF
G.N. Swamy, P. UdayaVarma, A. Pylee, V.S. RamaRaju, P. Chandramohan
VOL 16, NO 4 (1983): MAHASAGAR Wave climate off Valiathura, Trivandrum Abstract   PDF
K.V. Thomas, M. Baba
VOL 14, NO 4 (1981): MAHASAGAR Wave observations in the Mahanadi basin (Bay of Bengal) during September 1980 Abstract   PDF
A.A. Fernandes, A.D. Gouveia, P.V. Sathe, R. Nagarajan
VOL 15, NO 1 (1982): MAHASAGAR Wave persistence in central Bay of Bengal during the southwest monsoon Abstract   PDF
P.V. Sathe, A.D. Gouveia
VOL 12, NO 3 (1979): MAHASAGAR Wave power around southern coasts of India during September-October, 1977 Abstract   PDF
C.K. Gopinathan, P.V. Sathe, D.V. Ramaraju
VOL 9, NO 1-2 (1976): MAHASAGAR Wave refraction in relation to beach stability along the coast from Cape Ramas to Karwar Abstract   PDF
A.D. Gouveia, P.S. Joseph, P.G. Kurup
VOL 16, NO 1 (1983): MAHASAGAR Waves off the southeast coast of India Abstract   PDF
T.R. Sivaramakrishnan
VOL 21, NO 1 (1988): MAHASAGAR Wind-wave relationship in the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea using Seasat data Abstract   PDF
R. Kumar, A. Sarkar, V.D. Gupta
VOL 13, NO 3 (1980): MAHASAGAR Wood boring molluscs of the Palk Bay and the Gulf of Mannar Abstract   PDF
N.B. Nair, K. Dharmaraj
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